Generic Grid Generator

User's Guide

Version 2.0 September 13, 2007 Los Alamos National Laboratory

Brief Remarks

This manual contains general instructions for working with the g3 grid tools. Topics include:

  • How to run the tools from the command line
  • How to run the example tools within the framework GUI
  • Step-by-step procedures for setting up a new grid
  • Minimum requirements for additional tools

Throughout this manual, it is assumed that the operating system is some variant of Unix. However, g3 has been run (with modifications) on PCs with Windows 2000 and on Macintosh with OSX. To keep the User Guide as short as possible, two other manuals will eventually be provided for each individual tool example. An Installation Guide tells how to set up each tool on any computer system that supports the source language(s) (Fortran90, C++, Tcl). A Reference Manual is directed toward those users who seek an in-depth understanding of the code, such as would be needed to make changes to the source code. It contains a thorough description of the code. Guidance is provided for modifying and rebuilding the code using makefiles.

If you obtained g3 directly from LANL, technical support is provided by John Davis or Phil Jones.

We are always interested in learning about your experiences with g3, favorable or otherwise. Due to trac spam issues, you can not submit bug reports or feature requests directly to the site (this will be fixed soon), but please send an email to the John or Phil and we will enter the ticket/request for you. If it doesn't appear, keep pestering us.

Table of Contents

  • 3 RunningFromCommandLine
    • 3.1 Generating A Horizontal Grid
    • 3.2 Transforming A Horizontal Grid Into 3D
    • 3.3 Editing A 3D Grid
    • 3.4 Editing With An Image Overlay
  • 4 UsingGraphicalUserInterface (GUI)
    • 4.1 Generic Grid Generator (gCubed, or g3)
    • 4.2 Entire Earth Editor (eCubed, or e3)
    • 4.3 Paleographic Example
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