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Sea level rise Biogeochemistry Thermohaline


The purpose of the COSIM project is to develop, test and apply ocean and ice models in support of DOE Climate Change Research and the Long Term Measure of delivering improved climate data and models needed to determine acceptable levels of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

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Model development:

Over the past 15 years, Los Alamos has developed a strong program in numerical modeling of the oceans and sea ice, with special emphasis on high-performance computing. We continue to develop the necessary models and software tools for addressing the important science areas above.

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Climate change at high latitudes is observed to be rapid and dramatic, with subsequent impacts felt globally. We will be focusing our efforts on three aspects of high latitude change: Sea level rise, Biogeochemistry and thermohaline circulation

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COSIM started under the Department of Energy's Computer Hardware, Advanced Mathematics and Model Physics (CHAMMP) program in 1991 with Bob Malone, Rick Smith and John Dukowicz. Bob Malone has written a nice document detailing the early history of the COSIM effort.

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